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How It Works

  • Great Wall art Artists enjoy painting - Acrylic , Oil, Watercolor and more .

  • It is their passion to bring lively / imaginary / scenary moments into an artwork.

  • We at LIVEARf wanted to bring the same passion in positioning Art Enthusiasts mind the same.

  • We are setting up Augmented Reality viewing of the ART Work in both iPhone and Android mobiles.

  • This work includes personalized wall art searches for art enthusiasts to narrow down their search.

  • And of course, validate artwork before buying them virtually layering Art Works at their home / office anytime anywhere.

Artist Journey


Augmented Reality

Art & Frames Products Augmented Reality View Stores Augmented Reality [AR] gives us a perceptual view of how the Arts...

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Business of Mobile use is growing faster than all of web internal predictions. The trend has been that mobile business...

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Genie Chat Bot

Genie is our digital personal assistant who will guide you through the shopping experience and assist you to best fulfil...

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Art Buyer App

Art buyer App


  • Delight online shoppers by giving them a curated, Merchandised and beautiful visual shopping experience through a in-Store on your website, instead of the endless scroll on your websites.
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LIVEb4buy Genie Chatbot

Art Seller App

  • When your customers have questions about your products or your services, they want answers, and fast—or else they’ll simply take their orders elsewhere.
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Our Clients

We have on-boarded the following clients we provided a Whitelabel Mobile App