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LIVEARf, a SaaS Vertical focusing on bringing more helpful products for Wall Art Artists, Custom Framing Merchants, and Photographer's. We specialize in our solutions across Web Browsers, Mobile Native App, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. All of the 5 modules are available to subscribe to use individually as well as cohesively together while continue to upgrade at any time.


To enable art enthusiasts experience a fully interactive wall decoration shopping online with more exciting features (naturally / visually appealing), effective (feel at home artwork simulations with virtual environments) and engaging (virtual assistant for interactive conversations)


LIVEARf’s mission is to help Art Lovers / Art Collectors to realize Artists & Framer’s impeccable work on eCommerce Platforms with various Web Plugins / Mobile Apps and latest AR / AI technologies on various devices



LIVEARf Modules are also available in iOS and Android Mobile Apps. Once you obtain Apple Developer / Andriod Playstore developer licenses, we can design app on your brand name.


LIVEARf Modules are also available in Multiple Browser Plugins. Once you are on designated eCommerce Platforms, we can implement our plugin on your favorite eCommerce Platform Theme.


Enable Personalized Search for the customer at the discretion of the Shoppers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Product Search / Art work / Digital Phtography as well without leaving Mobile App


Enable Login at eCommerce website, iOS , Android mobile apps with their social mediums accounts like Gmail , Facebook , Instagram and others


No separate login required. Seamless BigCommerce / Shopify integrated access through Social Media Gmail, Facebook and more.


LIVEARf welcomes partners across the globe to sell it to their customers.


Capture your audience sell your products at your website and on your branded mobile apps section as well.

On Boarding Details

On Boarding Details

Apps Downloaded
Artists Enabled
Countries Artworks Sourced

LIVEVUE - Art / Photo Framing Web PreVIEW

LIVEVUE a Web Browser Plugin is enabling the VIEWing custom framing design tool on the web browser.

In the custom framing solution with multiple variants - frame size, photo size, paper type, mat size - our rule-based pricing enables the framing at ease. End customers continue to visualize the final product by adjuting all the variants. To learn more about our LIVEVUE module

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LIVEVAG - Virtual Art & Photo Gallery

LIVEVAG a Web Browser Plugin is enabling the Virtual Art Gallery visualization tool on the web browser.

In the 3600 Virtual Art Gallery, the end customers can walk through a virtual gallery with Artworks or Photo Collections in a typical room setting. To learn more about our LIVEVAG module

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LIVECRU - Art / Photo CRop & Upload

LIVECRU a Native Mobile App is enabling Artwork / Photography data collection at ease at the tip of the artists/photographer's mobile phone click.

Artists and Photographer's will create their profiles after login. They continue to create their artwork/photography Portfolio. Our Machine Learning program will analyze the artworks and make the details useable in Personalized Search. To learn more about our LIVECRU module

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LIVEFAR - Art / Photo Framing Favorite AR

LIVEFAR a Native Mobile App, Favorite AR module is enabling Artwork / Photography layering at ease with mobile phone augmented reality technique.

Art enthusiasts can visualize the wall artwork / uploaded images / selected professionals photographer photos with AR tech. Art Enthusiasts can frame the same as well at ease in the mobile app itself and order the same. To learn more about our LIVEFAR module

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LIVEGEN - Custom Art Quote Chatbot Human Handoff

LIVEGEN a Native Mobile App as well as a Web browser plugin, Genie - Virtual as well Human - Chat module is enabling Art Seller and Buyer chat at ease to make Custom Art Order and fill the gap using Machine Learning / AI techniques to create human-understandable artwork on the fly.

How It Works

  • Great Wall art Artists enjoy painting - Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, and more.

  • It is their passion to bring lively/imaginary/scenery moments into an artwork.

  • We at LIVEARf wanted to bring the same passion in positioning Art Enthusiasts’ mind the same.

  • We are setting up Augmented Reality viewing of the ART Work in both iPhone and Android mobiles.

  • This work includes personalized wall art searches for art enthusiasts to narrow down their search.

  • And of course, validate artwork before buying them virtually layering Art Works at their home/office anytime anywhere.

Artist Journey

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Our Clients

Our work touches many artists / photographers work digitization.

Our clients trust us as a partner in realizing their vision. We are grateful in bringing their vision into reality.

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