A Creative Single Page Virtually constructs Custom frames in the computer or in your mobile browser. This LIVEVUE plugin is available on Shopify and Bigcommerce eCommerce Platforms. With this plugin, customers can upload their favorite moments ( images ) or pick available artworks/photographs to customize various framing options. Framing options include customization of the photo size, frame size, matt size – color, and so on. One of the most salient features of the LIVEVUE app is that customers can virtually view the framed pictures on various walls as seen in houses or galleries at ease.

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Connect your eCommerce stores by installing the following app.

VTON – Virtual Try ON ..
Your customers can virtually frame their photos in less than a minute, creating an all-immersive framing experience.

If you are a Custom Framer, your customer will perform the first two steps and see the amazing virtually viewing the framed photos/artworks at ease. Most importantly real dimensions.

Step #1 – Upload or Select an Image

To virtually frame, your customer will first upload their favorite digital picture (or)

Select the ART work or Select a famous photo from a Photo collections

Step #2 – Adjust Variants and Options

To virtually frame, your customer will first upload their favorite digital picture

Step #3 – Visualization

To visualize the resultant framed photo, the customer can just unzoom the browser and have a single pane of view of the entire page.

Customers virtually view their photos framed and adjusted

Because your end customers are involving in the design decision process and they exactly able to visualize what they are going to get, it improves their satisfaction and feels empowered to do their home’s interior design.

Peace of Mind

All the virtual framed photo option is verified in their ideal virtual room. And it provides peace of mind to your customer

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Because you deliver what was assembled/configured by the end customer, customer satisfaction improves.

Custom Framers can adjust the various Variants and Options

Because the front end looks at ease, we need to have the backend configuration also at ease. There are various options to adjust the pricing for each configuration – frame size, picture size, mat size, paper type, frame material, frame brand, and so on.

Backend / App Admin Configuration

Based on Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and other platforms follow various Variants and Options. We will assist you with guidance

on setting up various Incremental Pricing – linear foot vs linear square foot options

Rule-based pricing

Frontend / End Customer Visualization Enablement

We at LIVEARf enable the theme after reviewing your existing themes. We have enabled LIVEVUE module for the following Shopify Themes – [Simple, Boundless, Venture, Debut, Supply, Narrative, Brooklyn, Minimal, Express] and Bigcommerce Themes – [Classic Next Light, Chiara].

If your eCommerce platform theme is outside of these then also we can customize them quickly and deliver them to you.

After validation, you can apply the theme to your store.

Once you checked those pages you can make them visible for the public customers.

Billing Enablement

Only all the configurations – Admin, Customer Site Page views are working fine, you can enable the Billing.

Freedom Pricing: Pay As You Choose

We believe in giving you the power to tailor your subscription to your exact needs.

  • Choose the features and usage levels that best suit your business requirements.
  • Pay a monthly subscription fee that aligns with your selected features and usage, ranging from $9.99 to $119.99 per month.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription effortlessly at any time to adapt to your changing needs.
  • Enjoy the freedom to set your subscription according to your budget and preferences.


  • What if I, as a custom framer, am not doing the picture printing?
    • Not a problem. The customer already has their existing digital photo printed with them. While using the LIVE VUE module, they are going to virtually frame the photo to choose the best fit for their need. We can turn off the digital photo upload along with the order.
    • We can help you to partner with your neighboring digital photo printing partner Once the end customer uploads the photo, we will securely deliver the same to your printing partner, and that partner can give you the printed photo in person or over postal delivery. Pls, subscribe to other modules as well for partner enablement.
  • What if I, as a custom framer, am having so many options in my store. And how do I show those many options in LIVE VUE module?
    Yes. We agree. In-Person visits are going to give the customers so many options. But not everyone can visit all the time. For this reason and the human brain won't be able to process so many options and the end customer may end up delaying/abandoning the purchase altogether. We suggest keeping your best moving products/frames / based on the trends and so on. This helps to maintain a good margin as well as rotating the frame options from time to time will entice customers to visit often.
  • What do you suggest about having so many color options in Frame / Mat?
    Please keep the best fitting color options only for online sales. If the picture looks totally different from the real frame, customer satisfaction will reduce So, it is better to keep the frame/mat colors that are as close to the physical viewing as well.
  • How is the Framing Pricing Calculated?
    We have two options to configure the Frame Pricing PreDefined Frame Pricing If you are not framing in your workplace, you must be buying the frames from your vendors So, for the specific fixed sizes, you already know the cost and hence per each predefined size you can configure the selling price in our App Configuration Custom Frame Pricing If you are framing at your workplace, then you know the cost of each component involved in Framing Pricing can be performed either in feet (US measurement) or in centimeter (International measurement) While pricing this option, pls include the COGS, Labor, and Profit Margin
    1. The frame is considered as a line. And the pricing is always the circumference of the Rectangle, Square, or Circle
    2. Matt and backside Cover are considered as a whole surface area buying. And the pricing is the Surface Area of the Rectangle, Square, or Circle
    3. Low Glare Glass, Acrylic Glass is considered as a whole surface area buying. And the pricing is the Surface Area of the Rectangle, Square, or Circle