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USA 5 6 1
Canada 1 0 1
Brazil 1 0 0
Germany 1 1 0
Denmark 0 1 0
Dubai 1 1 1
Vietnam 1 0 0
New Zeland 0 1 0
Australia 0 2 0
South Africa 0 1 0
Japan 0 0 0
Total 10 13 3


“A technically sound and hard working team. They understand the clients and user requirements and try to implement to the T. Great communication skills and quick response time. We are happy with their performance.”
– Chhavi Singh, Daily Designist
“LIVEARf has been a great system for our company Wrinkle Art. This combination of apps that they off has taken our gallery to the next level. It offers us a way to accomplish easy access and display for our clients.”
– Samuel Gills, Wrinkleart
“When I had the idea of creating a website to let you print high quality photos, LIVEARf team setup complex, website. One of these options that caught my attention is the AR function that allows you to see the pictures in your wall with Frames.”
– Mario Zunigo, Frints
“LIVEARf app is amazing and essential for those who sell oil paintings, like us. The user can preview the painting in different frames and rooms. The customer support is top notch, answering questions and solving issues very quickly. I definitely recommend this app.”
– Leonardo Grinstein, ReplicArte

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