LIVESOL – Social Login Module offers an easy-to-use Social Login (Gmail, applied,…) web plugin on eCommerce platforms for art buyers/photo frame buyers. Art Enthusiasts & Framing favorite moment Enthusiasts are looking forward easy to using social login ( remembering one less password ). End Customers can easily signup, log in, log out on your website.

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Connect your eCommerce stores by installing the following app.

Art Enthusiasts & Framing favorite moment Enthusiasts can easily login with their social media logins like gmail.

LIVESOL app offer to keep your customer information with you in your Identity Provider . We ensure that your Auth0 login is personal to your store and you can easily augment your store login with multiple complement services like LMS (Learning Management Services), Zoom services and so on. ONE easy SSO – Single Sign On – login for your buyers for all of your services.

Step #1 – See the Social Login Options

End Customers can easily login for free and immediately start using the website’s member account services immediately.(And)

One less Password to remeber. Still continue to hold the basic ecommerce customer site features like Account Setup , Login, Logout , Order Status and so on.

One Less Login to Remember

Because your end customers are easily loggin in at ease with their well known (Gmail / Apple ID) account, they are not required to remember your website Password

Frictionless Login and Account Management

With Social Login, the user experience is improvised and most of the time, the users are already logged in to that browser . This ease of use will enable more customers continue to your website and make repeated purchases

Enhanced Services with SSO – Login

Individualized web / app login and empowering art (wall art, photogrpahy) collectors sets them up for keen interaction with artists.

Individualized app login and empowering artists, photographers to upload their portfolio and sets them up for keen interaction with art collectors.

Ease of Configuration and enablement

We wish you to own the Cusotmer Data than eCommerce Platforms. On installing our app LIVE ARF (LOVE SOL) we will align customer data capture with not only for your eCommerce Platform as well other features expansions beyond eCommerce.

Backend / App Admin Configuration

Based on Shopify , BigCommerce, Ecwid and other platform follows various Customer Login / Account Management . We will assist you with guidance on setting up Auth0, so you can own your customers.

Enable any additional services including LMS (Learning Management System ) and so with SSO ( Single Signon Feature ), so you can offer more services with one login itself.

Frontend / End Customer Visualization Enablement

We help you to create Auth0 Free Account Login. You can then folllow the steps in URL

To create Shopify Private App LIVE SOL.

Then essentially with these two information, we will enable on your buyer theme with Social Login for Art Collectors – both WallArt & Photo Framing customers

After validation you can apply the theme to your store.

Once you checked those pages you can make it visible for the public customers.

Billing Enablement

Only all the configurations – Admin , Customer Site Page views are working fine, you can enable the Billing.