LIVEFAR – Favorite Augmented Reality Module offers an easy to use Augmented Reality Mobile App for eCommerce platform webstore artists/framers/photographer’s. Art Enthusiasts & Framing’s favorite moment Enthusiasts are looking forward to virtually validating what to buy at their own home/office environments. End Customers can easily narrow down to their art/photo collection research by choosing a few of the selections and of course validate the size color and so on matching/contrasting their wall or showcase.

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Connect your eCommerce stores by installing the following app.

Art Enthusiasts & Framing favorite moment Enthusiasts can virtual layer their artworks or photos along with optional framing on it

Art Enthusiasts can virtually decorate their home with various artworks based on the few narrow down options as identified by AI and if given an option frame it as well before you buy.

Frame your favorite moments can virtually choose various framing options – picture size, frame color, frame size – and also view it on your walls/showcases. Most importantly the end customer can upload their photos or choose from the photo collection

Step #1 – Download the app and enjoy the e-commerce at your fingertips

TEnd Customers can download the app for free and immediately start viewing the artworks or framing products (And)

TView the artworks/photo collections listed by your favorite artists/price and other various filters

Step #2 – Favorite AR – Augmented Reality Viewing

Virtually layer Artworks on the plain walls or the walls with objects in them. Frame the artwork if there is an option

Upload your photos and Virtually layer them on the plain walls or the walls with objects in them. Frame the photos dynamically at ease

Virtually layer Photo collection pictures on the plain walls or the walls with objects in it. Frame the photos dynamically

Step #3 – Personalized Search for Particular Artworks

Various selections allowed to interpret user selections based on AI / Machine Learning Algorithms along with scene analysis provides pleasing realtime validations at your own convenience

Easily Create Profile and upload artworks/photo collections

Because your end customers are experiencing the real-time amazing art/photo gallery experience they will be exactly able to visualize what they are going to get, it improves their satisfaction and feels empowered to do their home’s interior design.

Frictionless Art drawing to Sales Enablement

iOS and Android devices making it possible for the art buyers / framing favorite moments or photos and validate them at their fingertips.

Empower Art buyers and Budding Interior Designers to PRO Level

Individualized app login and empowering them to set up their login to easily upload the pictures in the photo gallery or picture it using the camera app.

More Art / Photography information shared will be helpful to be analyzed in AI tools that will position your artwork ahead of peers

Ease of Configuration and enablement

When you decide the extend your brand to Mobile Apps and help you as an Artist / Photographer / Custom Framer, let’s welcome the ecosystem of how Google Playstore and Apple Appstore needs the registration. On installing our app we will align our app on your brand and smooth Data capture with camera possible at ease.

Mobile App / Business App Developer Registration

We will guide you on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore registrations on your company name

Once you are an owner/super admin in those play store / AppStore, pls grant us permissions to deploy your mobile apps on your brand

LIVEARf Team continue to monitor and rollout every new feature required within our LIVE Apps*

Backend / App Admin Configuration

As an administrator of your website, you continue to monitor the photo uploads of either artworks, photo collections and approve as it deems.

And the cropped image uploaded by the customer and or selected from the photo collection, download and ensure the seamless order fulfillment

Frontend / App user Experience

Artists and Photographer can continue to add to the artworks/framing content to the same cart of the eCommerce platforms

Buyers can continue to create the same eCommerce account or log in to the same account to view the order information in the website link in the app.

Continue to enjoy the AI / ML suggested new artworks at any time.

Billing Enablement

Only all the configurations – Admin, App Listings are working fine, you can enable the Billing.

LIVE – FAR: LIVE Frame AR – Art Lovers / Enthusiasts can view the ART work / Photographs with Frames on your wall – Interior virtual Design with Art

SaaS Price USD Per Month

Mobile Apps Module
  • AR Viewing for Artwork
  • Unlimited Artwork / Photography viewing
  • AR Viewing for Framed Artwork / uploaded/selected Photo collections


Mobile Apps Module
  • All LITE Features
  • LIVE Preview in your Room (Home / Office) with Augmented Reality (AR) Tech
  • Adjustable Crop Grid
  • Select different Frame Sizes / Color
  • Selection with Mat / No Mat
  • Zoom the Preview
  • Crop and Add to Cart at ease


Web Browser Module
  • All BASIC Features
  • Personalized Search
  • Narrow down LOVEly photos selection with AI Assistance



  • How is the LIVECRU app is helpful for the LIVEFAR app?
    With clean cropped and nice AI-Assisted product information given by the Artists and Photographers is very much helpful for placing these artworks / framed photos in Augmented Reality View on the Walls and Showcases
  • How is LIVEFAR app is helpful for the LIVEVUE app?
    In the LIVEVUE web browser plugin, end customers are viewing the artwork/photos with frames in a virtual/realistic home wall in the web browser. In the LIVEFAR mobile app, the same end customers are viewing the artwork/photos with frames in their own home/office wall in the mobile app. As a merchant, if you are subscribing to both apps and on certain plans, we will link both modules working together seamlessly
  • What are the iPhone device versions and iOS versions LIVEFAR support?
    We support from iPhone 6 onwards. We Support iOS 12 onwards. Detailed blog URL is available here iOS:
  • What are the Android device versions and Android versions LIVEFAR support?
    We support most market-leading Samsung, Google, Oppo, and so on. We Support Android 21 onwards. Detailed blog URL is available here Android: