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Shopify-Collection Category

Add Products and Create Collection

Sign up a Shopify account and upload the Products like artwork, digital downloads, Photography and gift cards in the Products Category by following these steps.

  • Select ‘Products’ in the left panel and add the products using ‘Add product’ in the main screen
  • Group the products into ‘Collections’ to make it easier for customers to find them by category.Click this link to set up the variants (options like size, color etc.,) in the Product. Adding variants (Shopify admin) ยท Shopify Help CenterThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Picture1_bre5g2.png

Product Price Setup

  • In Shopify pricing setup do the following steps
  • Click the product for which you want to add the price
  • Once entered into the product details, scroll down to Variant option section.
  • Select the option (any one from size, color, material or style) and enter the details
  • Then scroll down and edit the same option for set up the price.

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