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Wall Artwork


This article will be helpful for customers who sell Wall Artwork like acrylic and oil painting. Based on the seller’s requirements, the features are explained in detail. Check out these links to view our customer’s website with our LIVEARf configuration.

Link1: https://replicarte.com.br/

Link2: https://historicpictoric.myshopify.com/products/test-poster-poster-calendar-by-l-prang-co-historic-wall-art

Link3: https://dailydesignist.com/


1.Standard Size

  • Fixed sizes are available.
  • Seller can choose either the dropdown or horizontal pattern to view the size.
  • Both cm and inches are available.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is std-size-2-1.png

2. Product Visualization

  • Seller can upload up to 5 products by default.
  • To upload more than 5 products, the plan has to be upgraded.

3. Frame Style

3.1 Standard Framing

  • Sellers can view their images with different frame styles.
  • Sellers can add customized frames under “Frame Style”
  • There is no limit in the number of frames to upload
  • Seller can upload transparent frame with a 50×50 pixel image
  • LIVEARf can assist in uploading the transparent frame
  • No Frame is an option for the customers who buy the artwork/ photo alone

3.2 Complex Framing

4. 2D-Visualizations

2-dimensional view is possible in LIVEARf application. For customers satisfaction some different views are available. Detailed explanation has shown below.

4.1 Standard View

a. Virtual Frame View
  • Buyers can select the frame one by one for their chosen image and this view will give the good visualization for their eyes.
  • Portrait and Landscape options are available for vertical and horizontal view.
b. Virtual Frame View with Mat
  • Matte options are available with Frame view.
  • Single mat option has shown in the picture.
  • Sellers can go with any number of mat colors.

4.2 Room View

a. Default Room models
  • Five default rooms are available with room sizes
  • Buyers can view the frames with different rooms.
  • Click here for more details.
b. Room wall Color Changer
  • Change the wall color with color panel options.
  • Two types of panel designs are available
  • Customer can choose their panel depends on their wish.
  • Wall color changes will be applicable for all the default 5 rooms
  • This is the included from Basic Plan.
c. Advanced Room View
  • Advanced room view will be available not only default rooms and also buyers can upload their own room with ‘+’ symbol options.
  • Wall color changes will not be applicable for their own room upload option.
  • Room sizes also can modify with the below image size editing box.

5. 3D – Visualizations

5.1 Virtual 3D View

  • Its a virtual view alone for the side View for Frameless Mount
  • This side view is used to show the frameless images ie those who are going for only printing.
  • Zooming options are available

5.2 3D View-360º Rotational View

  • Rotate and enjoy simple Frame Texture with this 360º rotational view
  • Zoom options are available for viewing the frame clearly.
  • Click here to see the 3D-Rotational View

6. Pricing

6.1 Standard Size Pricing

  • It’s a direct pricing for each size. Ex: 13 x 20 picture size $20.00
  • This pricing will directly offer from Shopify itself.
  • Until 4 options combination shopify will be done.
  • If the combination is beyond these 4 options, then our APP will support the pricing.
  • Note: Same size and two option is having different price, then Shopify will not support.
  • It’s included from Basic Plan
  • Click here for Standard pricing for our customer site.

6.2 Predefined Pricing

  • For single size, one option has two different price then Predefined option will be helpful. Example Size 10 x 20 Frame 1 10$ Frame 2 20$ . Mat 1 10$ Mat 2 20$
  • Click here for Predefined pricing for our customer site.

7. Web – AR view

a. 2D – Visualization

  • Your desired image can be viewed in your home wall in desired sizes.
  • This is Web-AR placing artwork 🖼️ on the wall from mobile browser. 
  • The picture is placed next to a white paper of size 11×14 inches on the wall to show the virtual image and the paper are in same size.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AR-view.png
Image 1
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is web-AR-2D.png
Image 2

b. 3D- Visualization

  • Click here to see the Art Gallery into the 3D room View.
  • All the artworks will be displayed in the room.
  • Click the particular picture and get the details of particular image
  • Buyers can view all artwork at one single place.

8. Discount Options

  • Based on the customer requirements discount options will be added.
  • Amount Based Discount calculation is using by this customer.
  • This customer is having product based discount.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rep-disc.png
Amount based discounts
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fou.fme-discount.png
coupon code discounts

9. Zoom VUE

  • Zoom in option will be available only for picture alone.
    • One of our customer is having this view for his products.
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