A Creative Single Page Virtually constructs Custom frames in the computer or in your mobile browser. This LIVEFLO plugin is available on Shopify and Bigcommerce eCommerce Platforms. With this plugin, customers can upload their favorite moments ( images ) or pick available MULTIPLE artworks/photographs to customize various framing options. Framing options include customization of the photo size, frame size, matt size – color, and so on. One of the most salient features of the LIVEFLO app is that customers can virtually view the Multiple framed pictures on various walls as seen in houses or galleries at ease.

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Step into an all-immersive framing experience:
Select Environment Images

This section offers a variety of room images, each showcasing different environments or settings. Users can browse through these images to visualize how art might look in their own homes or desired locations.

Select Picture Wall

Users can explore various combinations and arrangements of artworks on a wall. These could be displayed in collage views, showing different sizes, orientations, and layouts. Users can get inspiration for creating their own picture walls or gallery displays. Explore and design your perfect gallery wall effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop feature.

Select Art

This section presents a diverse collection of artworks and photographs available for purchase or display. It includes paintings, prints, photographs, digital art, and more. Each artwork is showcased with pricing.

Select Frame

Users can explore different frames that complement the chosen artworks. Users can view frames in combination with the displayed art pieces to see how they enhance the overall presentation.