Art Seller App

“The adoption rate of daily designist app Artist App can use mobile is twice that of the internet, three times that of social media, and 10 times faster Increase your Sale.”

The expansion of Artist daily design mobile internet consumption is an opportunity for traditional publishers and broadcasters, as much as a threat. Traditional media has invested heavily in online brand extensions, and some of them have larger audiences online than they ever had for offline products.

“The trend has been that daily designist mobile App for the artist was winning more sale to your business. It’s now won.”

Dear artists your ceaseless creativity shall flow and be transformed into master pieces of art….


  • Take a picture of the art work and simply upload it (no fees charged) with a simple description and social Integration
  • Eliminates clicks the uploaded product will be automatically added to the store inventory.
  • Allow Customization Edit option allows Artists to delete unsatisfied uploads.
  • Maintain relevancy and feedback System using DailyDesignist will validate the uploaded product before making it available for sale to customers
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