LIVEVUE Activation

Activate LIVEVUE in your Store

1. In LIVEVUE menu navigate to LIVEVUE Activation submenu, Click the Start Process button to create test categories with a few test frames.


We will preconfigure our app with default settings with an option to make changes at any given point of time. Your website will have four basic frames with custom pricing.

Simple, Boundless, Venture, Debut, Supply, Narrative, Brooklyn, Minimal, Express

Classic Next Light, Chiara

Other Themes

  • If your eCommerce platform theme is outside of these Themes, then also we can customize them quickly and deliver them to you.
  • After validation, you can apply the theme to your store.
  • Once you checked those pages you can make them visible to the public customers.

LIVEVUE Vs Comeptition

Single Page Decision Solution Workflow type multi-tab or multi-page solution
Natively Integrated Separate standalone page..
Unlimited Framing Options Limited Framing Options
Single Frame image for all Sizes Mulitple Frame images for Multiple Sizes

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